#TECH: Local company creates educational drone to promote STEM concepts in children [NSTTV]

IT doesn't cost a fortune to get a top-notch educational drone. Educational drones are all fantastic to fly and frequently named as one of the best science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) toys.

Through curriculum activities and quizzes, these drones enable students and adults of all ages to explore STEM principles and gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technology for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).


At first glance, what emerged from the red-coloured box did not appear to be flyable. Despite my reservations, I accepted the challenge of assembling and flying an educational drone from the Drone EduKit designed by Meraque ā€” a Malaysia-based digital transformation and technology company which was named one of the top 20 drone companies in the world.

The drone takes about 15 minutes to put together right out of the box.

According to its chief executive officer, Md Razalee Ismail, the EduKit drone was created by former educators and child development experts, and has been tested by children.

The Meraque Quadcopter Drone Frame is designed to work with major building block brands.

The drone can be piloted anywhere once assembled and configured, thanks to the digital proportional control and 6-axis gyro that allows for smooth flying.

Just stay away from the kitchen, your mother's decorations, or a powerful fan ā€” weighing only 128g, trust me, billowing wind is not appreciated.

All the drone's parts are made of crash-resistant ABS plastic, which can withstand impact and accidental drops but won't cause harm.


Md Razalee said that the drone provides an opportunity to learn more about simple and complex circuits, coding and programming in a safe environment.

"The thrill comes from watching the drones take flight and pull off seamless 360-degree stunt flips."

Don't worry, safety is included in the EduKit's module along with aerodynamics, weight distribution, and lift tolerance.

Meraque offers an advanced level training programme that includes basic to advanced flight programming. According to what I've heard, advanced learners can also programme a flight show using the same drone.