Our special centre dedicated to develop and advance your UAV piloting and UAV operating/tracking career

Why MERiT Academy?

Certified Drone Instructors
The Academy offers courses instructed by experienced and qualified trainers to ensure that all future drone pilots are well-equipped.
Immersive Drone Training
The Academy allows future drone pilots and operators/trackers to have complete confidence when operating drones by providing hands-on drone training.
Officially Recognised Certification
The Academy grants future drone pilots with globally recognised certification to accredit trainees as full-fledged drone pilots.

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Flyte is an educational drone specially designed for STEM education. Suitable for age 7 until 17 years old, it is programmable for code learning and extendable for inspiring creativity
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Academic Council

Meet The Officers
Razali Ismail
HRDF Certified Trainer
Suria Affandi
HRDF Certified Trainer
Ts. Senthelnathan Kaindasamy
UAV Trainer
Wira Rosli
UAV Trainer/Lead Engineer
Aizat Samsudin
UAV Trainer
Farah Wahida
HR Lead

Our Training Courses

Lead by professionals who are entirely focused on you, guaranteed to get you ready for lift-off.
UAV Piloting
An in-depth training program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to safely and accurately operate unmanned aerial systems (UAV). The course is suitable for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in the field of UAV operations.
Agriculture Training on Hybrid UAV
Agriculture Vehicles
A comprehensive training course for UAV Pilots, farmers and agriculturalists looking to use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for their farming operations. The course covers the best practices for using UAVs in agriculture, such as proper maintenance and use of UAVs, flight control, data acquisition, and how to safely operate them in hazardous environments.

Stories From Our Junior Aviators